Incidents in 2018

Incident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 26, 2018WyomingBufordForest Rd 72001
January 10, 2018WyomingSheridan1410 N Main St10
April 20, 2018WyomingCheyenneN/A00
March 10, 2018WyomingSheridan45 W 12th St10
January 11, 2018WyomingCody2821 Rocky Rd10
April 25, 2018WyomingCasper3100 block of Cotton Creek Place00
March 18, 2018WyomingCasper1100 block of Burlington Avenue10
January 28, 2018WyomingRock Springs113 Pyramid Dr10
April 28, 2018WyomingJacksonElk Ridge Rd10
March 21, 2018WyomingCasper601 SE Wyoming Blvd00
January 28, 2018WyomingCheyennePershing Blvd10
May 6, 2018WyomingCasper1950 E 15th St11
March 22, 2018WyomingGlenrock146 Fort Laramie St10
March 19, 2018WyomingCheyenne3200 block of Basin St10
February 3, 2018WyomingDouglas200 Block of N 2nd St10
May 11, 2018WyomingCheyenne5000 block S Greeley Hwy11
March 28, 2018WyomingJacksonN/A00
February 25, 2018WyomingCasper3800 block of E 15th St10
May 27, 2018WyomingCheyenneForest Service Rd01
April 4, 2018WyomingCheyenne1700 Taft Ave00
February 6, 2018WyomingCheyenne700 block of South Fork Rd00
June 26, 2018WyomingEvanston100 Main St00
April 7, 2018WyomingCasper3400 block of N Plateau St00
March 1, 2018WyomingJacksonN/A00
July 4, 2018WyomingRawlinsN/A00